7 Cryptography Concepts EVERY Developer Should Know

Cryptography is scary. In this tutorial, we get hands-on with Node.js to learn how common crypto concepts work, like hashing, encryption, signing, and more https://fireship.io/lessons/node-crypto-examples/

πŸ”— Resources

Full Tutorial https://fireship.io/lessons/node-crypto-examples/
Source Code https://github.com/fireship-io/node-crypto-examples
Node Crypto https://nodejs.org/api/crypto.html

πŸ“š Chapters

00:00 What is Cryptography
00:52 Brief History of Cryptography
01:41 1. Hash
04:07 2. Salt
05:47 3. HMAC
06:35 4. Symmetric Encryption.
08:19 5. Keypairs
09:29 6. Asymmetric Encryption
10:22 7. Signing
11:31 Hacking Challenge

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πŸ”– Topics Covered

– Cryptography for Developers Basics
– Crypto algorithms: SHA, MD5, argon2, scrypt
– How password salt works
– Encryption vs Signing
– Difference between Asymmetric vs Symmetric Encryption
– How hacking works and hacks are prevented

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